Our mission:  

NIFC provides SACEUR and Allied Command Operations with timely, relevant, and accurate intelligence in order to support planning and execution of NATO Operations; and enable deterrence and defence of the Euro-Atlantic area.  
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Our vision:  

Everything we do is geared toward increasing SACEUR's & NATO leaders' understanding of the threats to the Euro-Atlantic area and NATO Operations so that the Alliance can generate peace through planning and executing effective deterrence and defence. We do this by leveraging NIFC's unique talent, capacity, and capabilities within ACO in an intellectually agile, hyper-collaborative, flattened structure and streamlined processes to provide SACEUR and ACO with timely, relevant, and accurate intelligence.    

Our History:  

The NIFC was conceived by General James L. Jones, USMC, (SACEUR Jan 2003 - Dec 2006) in November 2004. He proposed that the U.S. sponsor the organisation as the Framework Nation. General Jones received approval by the U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to negotiate the NIFC Memorandum of Understanding in 2005. The MOU was approved by NATO nation signatories on 5 October 2006 and the NAC activated the NIFC as a NATO Military Body with International Military Headquarters Status on 18 October 2006. The NIFC achieved full operational capability (FOC) in December 2007. The organisation's purpose was to provide an objective and robust intelligence organisation to augment and fill potential gaps in ACO's intelligence support to NATO operational and strategic requirements for out-of-area operations, (e.g. NATO operations in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Gulf of Aden, and later Libya) and NATO Response Force (NRF) operations. The NIFC was established in the United Kingdom with the U.S. as the framework nation.     

U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

"Without a doubt, the NIFC is the NATO Center of Gravity for multinational intelligence collaboration in producing high-impact intelligence for NATO operations."

Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe

"I am in no doubt that the NIFC is of such importance that one wonders how we ever managed without it."

Commander, Allied Maritime Component

"I was particularly pleased to see how well the NIFC had come together since its creation, underpinning my belief in its position as a jewel within the NATO intel system."

UK MOD Director General Intelligence Collection

"I congratulate you on the huge progress you continue to make in making the NIFC both relevant and effective."


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NIFC Community Awareness Update

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13 JUN 2022   Community Awareness Update - 06/22
23 MAY 2022   Community Awareness Update - 05/22
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06 APR 2022   Community Awareness Update - 03/22
27 JAN 2022   Community Awareness Update - 01/22
03 DEC 2021   Community Awareness Update - 15/21
13 OCT 2021   Community Awareness Update - 14/21
12 OCT 2021   Community Awareness Update - 13/21
17 AUG 2021   Community Awareness Update - 12/21
04 AUG 2021   Community Awareness Update - 11/21
01 JUN 2021   Community Awareness Update - 10/21
14 MAY 2021   Community Awareness Update - 9/21
09 APR 2021   Community Awareness Update - 8/21
05 APR 2021   Community Awareness Update - 7/21
15 MAR 2021   Community Awareness Update - 6/21
25 FEB 2021   Community Awareness Update - 5/21
25 FEB 2021   Community Awareness Update - 4/21
05 FEB 2021   Community Awareness Update - 3/21
29 JAN 2021   Community Awareness Update - 2/21
26 JAN 2021   Community Awareness Update - 1/21

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