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Fusion Centre

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Our mission

The NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre (NIFC) provides the Supreme Allied Commander Europe and Allied Command Operations with timely, relevant, and accurate intelligence in order to support planning and execution of NATO operations; and enable deterrence and defence of the Euro-Atlantic area.

Intelligence fusion

The NIFC produces full-spectrum, multi-domain operational and strategic intelligence. We are enabled by a wide range of intelligence disciplines, national collection capabilities, and subject matter expertise from personnel who have extensive military and civilian intelligence experience.

NIFC COnferences

  13-15 Sep | China Roundtable

This inaugural conference expands on the China Roundtable format. Briefings and working groups will focus on China’s strategic influence in areas of interest to NATO, as well as strategic and operational military capability developments. An unclassified day will leverage the expertise of guest speakers from academia and think tanks.

  Host: Asia Branch, Analysis Division

  20-22 Sep | Cyber Conference

A workshop on specific hostile cyber actors to strengthen our community of interest and establish a baseline on the capabilities, organisation and intent of specific hostile cyber actors.

  Host: East Branch, Hybrid Threats Division



NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre
Unit 5806, RAF Molesworth
Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE28 0QB
United Kingdom